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It is the responsibility of the User (BUYER) to exercise Due Diligence when using this or any other website.

User/Buyer Beware

Webster’s New World Dictionary®

Caveat Emptor

caveat emp-tor (emp’tor)

[L] let the buyer beware

(i.e., one buys at one’s own risk)

Please be careful and responsible whenever you are online. Should you choose to voluntarily use the Information on our site, such as in Recipes, Members' Forum, Message Boards, Chat Areas, Advertising, Posted Notices or online Markets you do so at your own risk.

Buying on Finder Classifieds is no more dangerous than buying from someone else or anywhere else. Things to remember are to be cautious with whomever you deal with, friends, neighbors, family, and strangers could all be dangerous under many circumstances.

Do not argue with the sellers or buyers, it could turn violent in seconds.

Use common sense in all dealings. Do not show off your wealth or flash your money around.

Use payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Payline,, Worldpay, and 2Checkout, are some of the more popular pay methods. Never send cash through the mail.

Know what you are buying and know how it should look and work, test it before you pay for it, if you could, if not arrange a return agreement in case it is not what was describe to you.

Remember even if you are buying from a local car dealer, vender or merchant the product you purchase may not function properly .

If it is shipped to you make certain that you inspect it upon delivery and do not sign off until you know that it is in good working condition. The seller may have shipped a perfectly good item, and it may have gotten ruined in transit, inspect it and make note of any damage.

PROTECT your IDENTITY from all predators.

In this day and age, it is too easy to lose your identity to unscrupulous characters. It is no bodies business to know your personal information; not even the cashier that asks you for your zip code at the check out counter, or the hair stylist that asks for your name and phone number and email address. Your personal information belongs to you and only you. DO NOT share it with strangers or casual acquaintances. It is not mandatory to give out any information to get a haircut or to purchase a loaf of bread.
Do not hesitate to tell these people that you do not wish to share your personal information with them or anyone else.

Your SOCIAL SECURITY CARD is not to be use as identification for any means.

Use extreme caution when you use the internet for sending personal information about your credit status.

DO NOT use public computers or wireless connections for transferring information about your credit.

Use a good Spyware Detector and an Anti Virus program on your computer before transmitting any credit data. Contact a professional computer geek and have her/him explain to you the proper procedure to clean your computer cache and how to secure your online activities before sending information.

In todays world there is no way of telling who a predator may be.

So to be safe with face to face transactions it is best to meet in heavy traffic setting such as: Police Stations are the best place to commence a deal, most Police are aware of the potential dangers of meeting with strangers and transferring monies and goods and are willing to watch over and protect you.

Banks are my second choice for doing deals and playing with monies, all you need to do is ask if you can meet there and most will let you.

All of the rest fall under my third choice: coffee shops, gas stations, food marts, shopping malls, and any other heavy pedestrian traffic place that you can think of.

Always deal in broad daylight, never at night or off the beaten path places. Never enter a strangers home or garage.

Trust your instincts.

It is always beneficial to have a big muscular friend with you just to keep thinks pleasant and safe.

Never invite strangers no matter how friendly they seem into or around your house. Remember that Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer were handsome and friendly until they killed their targets.

Trust no one!

Also remember that the seller and buyer may be honest but there may be others that are not and they may be privy to your dealings and in wait to rob and cause you bodily harm, be 360 cautious at all times before and after the monies change hands.

Use common sense and be ready to walk away from a bad deal.

Put a Police speed dial on your cell phone just in case you need it!

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